Plouf Coffee, located in Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, sells drinks such as wine, coffee, and beverages, and bakeries such as scones, meringue, and cakes under the concept of a British bakery cafe.

Studio LeM designed the overall visual and applications using the brand emblem developed by Catherine Potvin’s character illustration and Simon Langlois’s logotype.
The combination of the drawing touch of the main character and the witty San Serif logotype is used as a signature element. We set blue and ivory as the main colors and pink and orange-red  as sub-colors which are applied to the components of the application. 

Visual Identity Design

Client: plouf

Creative Team
Project planner & founder : Jieun Kwak
Art Direction & illustration : Catherine Potvin
Graphic Design : Simon Langlois 
Application Design : Minseong Jeon

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