HOMI : The comfort of one's own home

'HOMI' is a space in seogyupo hayedong in jeju island that architect 'YOO HYUNJOON' designed.
Visitor may appreciate the nature of the four seasons. 'HOMI' is built of the materials from the nature and is designed to reflect the citcular pathways for a individual resting place.
The whole concept of this place came from a question “what it would look like if i were to incorporate the horizon and the horizontal fence of jeju island.”
'HOMI', the place where it coexists with nature, is taking place.

Jeju island has basalt and volcanic ash. Therefore the overall color scheme is dark.
When we created the color scheme, we thought of the green trees and mosses and we tried to set the nuetral low intensity tone as our main color scheme to reflect jeju island as best as we can.

Brand Identity Design


Studio leM
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