BILLY ANGEL is a premium brand leading the dessert industry by establishing high brand recognition. The brand has built loyalty among consumers by providing a unique signature menu and expanded its presence on diverse channels, both online and offline, based on its mass production technology.

Currently, BILLY ANGEL's competitiveness is focused on the taste and quality of the menu rather than the brand's concept and identity. We will maintain such strengths through rebranding and enhance the overall brand awareness and competitiveness through the development of brand identity, which is very distinctive compared to other brands.

The BILLAGE community, where people can share love, is made up of numerous SQUARE. Each SQUARE represents Billy Angel's stores, and their online and offline stores across the country are spaces created to convey a sense of belonging and bring warmth to many people.​​​​​​​

Brand Identity Renewal

Studio leM​​​​​​​
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