Expanding the paradigm of 'Performance', <Garden of Birth> is presented in the form of 'Film' in collaboration
with various art genres such as fashion, AR graphics, Media Art, and Sound. ​​​​​​​

Art & Fashion Film

Creative Team
Executive Producer : Chanhee Jung
Creative / Fashion Director : Boyeon Hur
Media Artist : Junhyung Park
Videographer : Hyeongjun Park
Photographer : Moondog Kim
Model : Ilmyeong Suk / Hyunjae Jung
Hair : Soojeong Park
Makeup : Chakyung Park
Fashion Team PD : Ram Heo
Set Styling : Heeju Park / Insol Yun
Music : Youngnam Song
Fashion Assistant : Sejin Kim / Jiyoon Park
Media Art Assistant : Taehun Kwon

Studio leM
Art Direction & Design : Minseong Jeon
Design : Daniel Bae

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